• digital resume, curriculum vitae

    Devair Jeffries-Lee


    I'm Devair.
    Artist, scholar, academic, and all around creative.

    Arts@VT Program Director

    Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech

    As the Arts@VT Program Director, I intermingle my backgrounds in theatre, art, and education. Though housed in the Moss Arts Center, my position supports arts initiatives at the university and in the surrounding community. I organize Arts@VT board meetings, facilitate public art and special collection projects, serve as the liaison to external partnerships and institutions including the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, and nurture campus engagement with faculty, staff, and students with assistance from a team of undergraduate ambassadors.


    I am the Program Director and ConnectHer for Black Girl Magic (BGM), a mentoring group I established in Fall 2020 to serve the Black female undergraduates in my college and connect them to resources across campus and beyond the university. I am also a member of the Leadership Board for Virginia Tech's Digging in the Crates (DITC) and regularly collaborate with various campus offices and student organizations including but not limited to the Black Cultural Center (BCC), BSA (Black Student Alliance), OID (Office for Inclusion and Diversity), SOAR (Student Opportunities and Achievement Resources), and Ujima LLC (Living Learning Community).


    My research focuses on the triumphs and struggles of Black women, theatrical or otherwise. I typically implement critical race and Black feminist theories to focus on contemporary African American theatre, specifically representation and racial violence. My work has been featured in theatre, education, history, and Black studies journals, as well as presented at national and international conferences of related disciplines. My dissertation and subsequent research analyzes the mammy, mulatta, and mistress stereotypes of Black women as articulated and challenged in contemporary U.S. plays, television shows, and films.


    My performance work focuses on identity through solo performance, community based performance, devising, and docudrama/verbatim theatre. Recent production credits include dramaturgy for Ragtime (2015) and The Artful Token (2020) and directing original docudrama One Hundred Years of Hope (2016), and adapted/devised works not your doll (2018) and Macbeth, the Murderer (2020), and one-woman show Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual (2019).


    For more details, see my CV and/or Performance Resume in "Interests."


    Education & Employment

    Blacksburg, VA, 2018-present
    Arts@VT Program Director, Moss Arts Center
    BGM Program Director/ConnectHer
    As the Arts@VT Program Director, I collaborate with various campus and community-wide entities including the Arts@VT Board, external partnerships, undergraduate student ambassadors on arts initiatives including public art projects and special collections. As the Program Director for BGM (Black Girl Magic), I mentor a group of Black women undergraduates and connect them to relevant opportunities across campus.
    Assistant Director for Diversity & Academic Success
    College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Office of the Dean
    As the Assistant Director for Diversity & Academic Success, I worked with with undergraduate students in two categories: 1) URM (underrepresented minority), USS (underserved) 2) Academic Recovery. Though these are separate groups, I provided them similar services including individual mentoring sessions, academic and social programming, and connection to campus resources.
    Dean's Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Office of the Dean, Department of Theatre & Cinema
    As the Dean's faculty fellow for DEI, I worked with the Office of the Dean to prioritize diversity initiatives in curriculum and programming at the college level.
    Presidential Pathways Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
    Office for Diversity & Inclusion, Department of Theatre & Cinema

    As a postdoctoral fellow, I instructed and developed courses that implement the pathways curriculum for general education which champions inclusion and diversity in the U.S.

    Florida State University

    Tallahassee, FL, 2013-2018
    Doctor of Philosophy, Theatre Studies
    Dissertation: Melodramatic Melanin: A Critical Analysis of the Mammy, Mulatta, and Mistress in Black Female Representation on Stage and Screen
    Advisor: Dr. Beth Osborne
    - Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Theatre, 2013-18

    University of South Carolina

    Columbia, SC, 2011-2013
    Master of Arts, Theatre History; Cognate, Art History

    Thesis: Black Feminine Identity: An Examination of Historical and Contemporary Dramatic Texts through a Critical Race Theory Framework

    Advisor: Dr. Amy Lehman

    - Grad Teaching Asst, Dept of Theatre & Dance, 2011-13
    - Grad Research Asst, Dept of Education- Curriculum Studies, 2012-13
    - Grad Research Asst, Dept of Integrated Info Technology, 2012-13
    - Academic Mentor/Tutor, Dept of Athletics, 2011

    Winthrop University

    Rock Hill, SC, 2008-2011
    Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Performance; Minor, Art, *Cum Laude

    Thesis: Deconstructing Stereotypes and Iconic Representations of the African-American Experience in Three Contemporary Plays

    Advisor: Dr. Laura Dougherty

    - Student Teacher of Art Ed, Pre-K– K-12, York County District 3 (2011)
    - Box Office Co-Manager, Teaching Assistant, Staff; Theatre & Dance (2009-11)

    Freedom Schools

    W.A. Perry Middle School, Columbia, SC, 2013
    Student Leader Intern, Children's Defense Fund

    Encouraged middle school aged children to pursue and be active in learning and furthering their education. Especially concerned with implementing IRC- Integrated Reading Curriculum to help a demographic that often struggles with literacy. Also, interns supported children's interest in STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields which are not traditionally pursued by people of color. Harambee, a time of sharing and celebration was used to celebrate each other and get everyone excited about education. Additionally, nutritious meals and snacks were provided throughout the day so that the children develop healthy eating habits, and were focused and ready to learn.

    Head Start

    Rock Hill Head Start, Rock Hill, SC, 2011
    Teacher Intern, National Head Start Association

    Provided a developmentally appropriate preschool program in accordance with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures for 3-5 year olds; planned curriculum with weekly schedules of activities, produced lesson plans and ensured adequate equipment and materials for activities, provided instruction on nutrition, wellness and physical activity; maintained a culturally applicable and safe environment through disciplinary policies and familiarity with emergency procedures.


    Resume, Research, and Instruction

    Curriculum Vitae, February 2022

    Performance Resume, February 2022


    African American Theatre & Literature, Black Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Cultural Diversity, Theatre History, Docudrama, Devised Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre for Social Change, Social Justice, Theories of Violence & Oppression, Drama & Theatre in Education

    Courses Taught

    Acting Lab, 2019-2020

    History of Drama & Theatre, Virginia Tech, 2018-2020

    Devising and Docudrama, Virginia Tech, 2020

    Contemporary African-American Theatre, Virginia Tech, 2019

    Improvisation & Devised Performance, Virginia Tech, 2019

    Script Analysis, Virginia Tech, 2018

    Introduction to Theatre for Non-Majors, Hybrid & Online, Florida State University, 2013-2014, 2015-2018

    World Theatre History I & II, Florida State University, 2014-2015

    Understanding & Appreciation of Theatre, University of South Carolina, 2011-2013


    Peer Reviewed Publications: Articles & Book Chapters

    An Analysis of the Educated and Extraordinary Black Man: Tarell Alvin McCraney and Moonlight

    Second Author: Rhonda Jeffries (in progress)
    Topics: Black Manhood and Masculinity, Institutional Racism

    Considering how institutional punishment disproportionately and detrimentally effects Black men, we deem Moonlight a “performance of resistance devised to respond to the highly predictable and anticipated arrival of racial violence within a person’s lifetime” as described by Harvey Young in Embodying Black Experience. Textual and performance analysis form the crux of our filmic exploration which incorporates the intellectual influence of performance studies theorists Harvey Young and Harry Elam, black theatre scholars who consider the implications of Black male representation, particularly in postmodern productions like Moonlight. Essentially, we aim to utilize these theoretical frameworks to explore Moonlight’s form and content and highlight Tarell Alvin McCraney’s efforts to shift Black male representation through the character Chiron.

    Uncovering the Her-stories: An Investigative Analysis of Grimke, Hurston, and Johnson as Prominent Women of the Harlem Renaissance

    Etudes (in review)
    Topics: Women's Inclusion and Perspectives

    This study investigates the lives and dramatic works of Harlem Renaissance women who have not have enjoyed due appreciation. I juxtapose Angelina Grimke's Rachel (1916), Zora Neale Hurston's Color Struck (1925), and Georgia Douglas Johnson's Safe (1929) with the ideologies of Black male intellectuals to assess the societal perspectives and aesthetics of the movement. Despite the Harlem Renaissance canon favoring Black men's text, this work considers the contributions of both sexes.

    Black Girl Magic: A Critical Analysis of Black Female Representation in Lydia Diamond’s Stick Fly and Voyeurs de Venus

    Continuum (in review)
    Topics: Black Female Representation & Stereotypes

    With the inclusion of her autobiographical experiences as a Black woman, Lydia Diamond unapologetically addresses race, class, and gender as reflected in the Black female characters of Stick Fly and Voyeurs de Venus. Both works tackle sexuality and interracial relationships while challenging typical stereotypes such as the mistress, mammy, and angry Black woman with roles like academic professional, author, domestic housekeeper, and enslaved exhibitionist. Ultimately, I combine textual analysis of Stick Fly and Voyeurs de Venus with a critique of popular culture to assess Black female representation in theatre and real life. By utilizing Black feminism from hooks (2002) and Collins (2004) with identity politics discourse of critical race theorist Crenshaw (2013), I determine how Diamond’s work complicates and elevates Black female representation to resemble her version of truth.

    Making Lemonade: Beyoncé’s Reclamation of Musical Theatre as a Mode of Reinvention

    First Author: Laura Waringer (in progress)
    Topics: Musical Theatre, Music Video, and Performative Representation

    In Lemonade, Beyoncé uses her iconic visibility to introduce a powerful and unapologetic vision of Black womanhood to a culture that has historically demanded racial assimilation. As a definitive moment in contemporary culture, the hour-long visual album signals a three-fold reinvention of musical form, artistic evolution, and Black feminine identity. Lemonade transcends genre and blurs cultural boundaries by embracing a linear method of storytelling that elevates typical music video form and function. Further, the work infuses pertinent historical context and engages current social movements related to race and gender.

    Queen Bey: A Visualyrical Investigation of Beyoncé as Feminist, Sex Symbol, Mother, and Activist

    Second Author: Laura Waringer, Queen Mothers: Articulating the Spirit of Black Women Teacher-Leaders edited by Rhonda Jeffries, 2019
    Topics: Motherhood, Sexuality, Celebrity, and Representation
    Adele’s 2017 Grammy’s statement about wanting Beyoncé “to be her mommy,” undermines Beyoncé’s goal to thwart associations of traditional Black motherhood devoid of sexuality. Beyoncé (2013) introduced her creative evolution as a self-defined mother, spouse, and feminist while Lemonade (2016) engages conversations about personal relationships and political activism. With a primary focus on Beyoncé’s two most recent albums, this study utilizes Third-Wave Feminist (Phelan, 1993) and Black Feminist theory (Collins, 2002) to collectively analyze how her song lyrics, music videos, and performance style distinguish her as an original artist who expresses feminism, sexuality, motherhood, and activism on her own terms.

    You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hoochie Mama: Explorations of Black Female Promiscuity in Contemporary Media Productions

    Text and Presentation, 2017
    Topics: Stereotypes and Representation in Dramatic Works

    While stage and screen dramas need flawed characters, negative portrayals of Black women inform the way in which they are perceived in reality. Of the many negative Black female archetypes throughout history, Black feminist scholar, Lisa Anderson, describes the mistress as one of the most common. Critical literacy and critical race theory are additional scholarly structures that help deconstruct news and social media as well as the legal and political policies that enable institutional racism in the United States. I primarily analyze how characters in Voyeurs de Venus, 12 Years A Slave, and Scandal reveal the enduring qualities of the Black mistress stereotype in American culture so that women’s sexuality might evolve into more positive and authentic representation.

    Theory, Research and Action in Urban Education, 2017
    Topics: Symbolism, Stereotypes, Racially Motivated Violence, and Police Brutality

    One Hundred Years of Hope is a documentary play of transcribed interviews from Black, White, and Latin@ individuals who were ages 18-25 in 1965 at the height of the Civil Rights movement and ages 18-25 in 2015 during the alleged post-racial era. Our primary motivation for the work was to talk about various recurring racial issues in the United States. This work starts the rare, but necessary conversation of openly addressing discrimination that results in tragic hate crimes and police brutality that has inspired the necessary movement and mantra, Black Lives Matter. This essay utilizes the collaborative storytelling in One Hundred Years of Hope to investigate the history of racism through symbolism in the southern United States. Ultimately, my research explores the significance of collecting and analyzing the nuanced experiences of individuals, as well as emphasizes the therapeutic value and social impact that results from sharing personal narrative.

    Second Author: Rhonda Jeffries, Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men, 2017
    Topics: Stereotypes, Culture, Media and Performance Representation

    Using Marxist and Critical Race Theory frameworks to call codified culture into question, this essay explores how diverse modes of expression are crushed by the restraint of the individual and through a lack of variance that prohibits progress for Black males in American society. This essay critiques the capitalist structure that insists on the illusion of uniformity when it clearly benefits and operates from emphasizing difference. The article compares the impact of a consumerist frame of reference on career, residence, and material possessions; media technologies' published messages and images that contribute to negative stereotypes; and the formation of style as an act of naming or resisting with regard to the proliferation of questionable and brutal treatment of Black males by law enforcement agents, in particular, and society, in general.

    Second Author: Rhonda Jeffries, Western Journal of Black Studies, 2015
    Topics: Sexuality, Theatrical Representation, and Curriculum

    This paper examines the ways in which body, voice, and image are portrayed in contemporary media productions that persist in creating negative identity constructs for Black women. Much of what is consumed by mainstream culture is a skewed, caricatured perception of Black women created by those outside of their demographic. More recent and limited works by and about Black women attempt to dismantle this phenomenon and are moving in the right direction by offering images of empowerment; however these presentations of the Black fem ale experience are still distorted and conventionalized. This essay encourages additional portrayals that affirm and explore a wider array of Black female experiences.

    First Author: Rhonda Jeffries, Multicultural Learning & Teaching, 2014
    Topics: Education and Physical Appearance (Hair)
    This article explored the role of hair in Sylviane Diouf’s Bintou’s Braids and focused on the impact of hair as a cultural signifier on girls and the curriculum. The article examined the ability of this children’s text to address female beauty standards and suggests the use of literary techniques, such as reader’s theatre, to recognize and critically explore diverse issues among children. The work specifically: deconstructs messages about hair norms, with particular emphasis on black female hair in one children’s text, and transforms the selected text into a reader’s theatre script for use in elementary classrooms, suggesting an array of literary construction and usage types in children’s classroom communities to support increased literacy engagement.
    First Author: Rhonda Jeffries, Multicultural Perspectives, 2013
    Topics: Representation and Physical Appearance (Hair)

    This article, theoretically constructed on Gramsci’s notion of cultural hegemony, explores the use of Black female hair as a cultural signifier in two media texts, specifically Adrienne Kennedy’s play, Funnyhouse of a Negro, and Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair, in specific media texts. Analysis of the verbal and visual rhetoric regarding a Black female aesthetic revealed associated themes of generational family influences and identity formation.


    University & Professional Membership, Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

    American Educational Studies Association

    Mission: Provide a cross-disciplinary forum wherein scholars gather to exchange and debate ideas generated from the field of education and related disciplines.
    (with Rhonda Jeffries, Tiffany J. Williams, and Danielle Parker). “Practices of Resistance: Laboring within the Academy.” Seattle, WA, 2016.

    American Society for Theatre Research

    Mission: Foster scholarship on worldwide theatre and performance, both historical and contemporary.

    Purposeful Production: Race-Conscious Casting and the Ethical Treatment of Documentary Material in One Hundred Years of Hope,” Working Group: “(Em)Bodied Exclusions: Considering Questions of Ethical Representation in Performance,” Atlanta, GA, 2017.

    American Theatre & Drama Society

    Mission: Dedicated to the study of theatre and drama in and of the Americas —its varied histories, traditions, literatures, and performances within its cultural contexts.
    In conjunction with ATHE, Member, 2016-present

    Association for Theatre in Higher Education

    Mission: To support and advance the study and practice of theatre and performance in higher education.
    “American Idols: An Analysis of Social Media and Celebrity Worship.” Las Vegas, NV, 2017.
    (with Rhonda Jeffries). “Pedagogical Practice: Engaging with African American Women in Theatre and Academia.” Pre-Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, 2014.

    Black Graduate Student Association

    Mission: To empower, enrich and enlighten the graduate experience.
    Florida State University, Member, 2013-15

    Comparative Drama

    Mission: Report on original investigations and critical analysis of research and developments in the field of drama and theatre.

    “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hoochie Mama: An Analysis of Black Female Mistress Stereotypes.” Orlando, FL, 2017.

    (with Rodney McKeithan). "Macbeth, the Murderer: A Comparative Analysis of Ambition, Fear, and Violence in Native Son and Macbeth." Orlando, FL, 2021.

    Gender, Bodies, and Technology

    Mission: Aims to creatively and intellectually explore the multiple, proliferating, and gendered dimensions of technologized bodies and embodied technologies.

    Performance: Three Hysterical Women: Explorations of Feminine Rage-- A One Woman Show Collective, Roanoke, VA, 2019.

    Graduate School, Florida State University

    Mission: Graduate study at the Florida State University is the right choice for a someone who aspires to make a difference in our World and have a long and distinguished career.

    (with Debra Fadool, Richard Bertram, Tamara Bertrand Jones, Art Raney, Brandon Brice, Eve Humphrey, and Margaret Scheiner). “How to be a Successful Graduate Student and Prepare for a Career.” Panel. New Graduate Student Orientation, Faculty-Student Dialogue. Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 2017.
    (with Lisa Liseno and Kate Pierson). Ad-Hoc Committee Chair. National Center of Faculty Development and Diversity Membership Development, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 2017.

    International Association for Media & History

    Mission: Bringing together historians and media practitioners who seek to use the electronic media as a window on our past, to understand its development, and to harness its unique power to communicate history to students and the wider public.

    (with Deb Kochman). “Narrating the Future with a Glimpse from the Past: The Collaborative Process of Appreciating Racial Diversity in One Hundred Years of Hope.” Paris, France, 2017.

    International Federation for Theatre Research

    Mission: To facilitate communication and exchange between scholars of theatre and performance research throughout the world through its conference events and publishing activities.

    “Queens and Human Beings, Not Just Bodies: A Comparative Analysis of Black Women in Brazil and the United States.” Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017.

    Mid-America Theatre

    Mission: Dedicated to the growth and improvement of all forms of theatre throughout a twelve-state region that includes the states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

    (with Nicole Dietze). "not your doll: Encouraging Invention in the Midst of Injustice." Cleveland, OH, 2019.

    “Black Female Representation: We Have a Problem.” Houston, TX, 2017.

    (with Deb Kochman). “One Hundred Years of Hope: A Reflection on the Collaborative Process of Performing Diversity and a Forecast for Its Future.” Minneapolis, MN, 2016.

    National Association for Multicultural Education

    Mission: Advancing and advocating for social justice and equity.
    (with Mercedes Cannon, Daniella Cook, Karen Dade, Constance Hargrave, Rhonda Jeffries, Crystal Morton, and Carlie Tartakov). “Fortitudinous Femininity: Black Female Academics Negotiating Race & Gender through Sisterhood and Prayer.” Intensive Workshop, Cleveland, OH, 2016.
    (with Rhonda Jeffries). “Generational Reflections on the Economic and Ethnic Identities of the U.S. Black Male: A Media Analysis of Stereotypes.” New Orleans, LA, 2015.
    (with Rhonda Jeffries). “Curriculum Influences Associated with Hyper-sexualized Media Representations of African American Women.” Tucson, AZ, 2014.
    (with Rhonda Jeffries). “Reclaiming our Roots: The Influences of Literacy on the Natural Hair Movement.” Philadelphia, PA, 2012.

    Sisters of the Academy

    Mission: To facilitate the success of Black women in the academy and establish an educational network of Black women in higher education.
    Member, 2015-present

    Song, Stage, and Screen

    Mission: Considers and celebrates all facets of multiplicity in musical theatre and musical film; from staging concepts challenging the traditional proscenium, to musical styles, to casting and socio-economic impacts.

    (with Laura Waringer). “Making Lemonade: Beyoncé’s Reclamation of Musical Theatre as a Mode of Reinvention.” Song, Stage, and Screen XII, Guildford, UK, 2017.

    South Carolina Historical Association

    Mission: Enhance the teaching and studying of all areas of history.
    “A Historical Account of the Black Presence on Broadway: An Analysis of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Raisin in the Sun.” Clinton, SC, 2013.
    “The Effect of the Brutalist Architectural Style on the Addition of the Blatt and Brown Buildings and the Reorganization of the Capital Complex on the State House Grounds.” South Carolina Historical Association Annual Meeting, Columbia, SC, 2012.

    Visual and Performing Arts Endeavors

    Playwright & Director

    A Mother's Day by Fred Forte, Jr., Assistant Director, 3rd Day Films, Charlotte, NC, 2021-22
    Macbeth, the Murderer by Devair Jeffries, Talisha Mack, and Rodney McKeithan, Virginia Tech, 2019-20
    Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual (Revised) by Devair Jeffries in Three Hysterical Women: Explorations of Feminine Rage-- A One-Woman Show Collective (with Nicole Dietze & Brittney Harris), Virginia Tech, 2019
    One Hundred Years of Hope by Deb Kochman & Devair Jeffries, Florida State University, 2016
    Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual by Devair Jeffries, Florida State University, 2014
    Hidden in Variation by Devair Jeffries & RaShaun Downs, Winthrop University, 2011
    My practical background includes written and co-written original works on topics ranging from Black femininity and identity, hair, racially motivated violence, police brutality, sex, and relationships. I currently have some works in progress about stereotypical representation and social activism.

    Dramaturg, Filmmaker, Performance Artist

    Dramaturg & Casting and Cultural Consultant, The Artful Token, Directed by Jordan Rosin, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 2020

    Co-Director, History Project Showcase (with Scotty Hardwig), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 2019

    Co-Director, not your doll by Nicole Dietze, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA, 2018

    Director, This Christmas, New Mt. Zion AME Church, Tallahassee, FL, 2017

    Group Director, PACE Celebration of Women & Girls, The Moon, Tallahassee, FL, 2016

    Director & Editor, Voices Documentary, Florida State University, 2015

    Dramaturg, Ragtime, Directed by Fred Chappell, Florida State University, 2014-15

    Director & Editor, What is ‘Good Hair?', Florida State University, 2014

    Co-Choreographer, “Fine China,” Amateur Drag Show, Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL, 2014

    Director, “Student Responses to Brutality & Bullying,” TO Workshop, Columbia, SC, 2012

    Singer, Midnight Cabaret, Winthrop University, 2010

    Dancer, Old English Madrigal Feaste, Winthrop University, 2009

    Crew, You Can’t Take It with You, Winthrop University, 2009

    I have had the privilege of engaging in meaningful independent and collaborative projects including university and community plays, documentary films, choreographed and sung performances.


    Reporter, Water for the Root (Film) by Quinton William, On Faith Entertainment, 2021
    Self, Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual by Devair Jeffries, Virginia Tech, 2020 (see above in Playwright & Director)
    Princess, Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky, Virginia Tech, 2018
    Dee, Amen Corner by James Baldwin, Workshop, Bible Way, 2011

    Nena, The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes, Winthrop University, 2010

    Roxie Girl/Ensemble, Annie by Strouse, Charnin, & Meehan, Town Theatre, 2009
    In addition to my performance training in undergrad, I have enjoyed some live production opportunities at the university and community level.


    Freelance, 2015-present
    Video Promotion, Emage Magazine, 2014
    Runway, House of Black Roses & We Array, 2014
    Photo & Illustration, Dept of Visual Art, Winthrop University, 2010-2011
    Illustration, "About Face," Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC, 2008
    Amateur, 125 lbs; 5'8" ...in 6 inch heels :)
    I have posed for figure drawing, illustration, painting, and photography students at the undergraduate level. Additionally, I served as an amateur level model employed and regularly observed by the "About Face" independent artists group. Many illustration sessions included long-term still poses for 30 or more minutes at a time, requiring physical strength and endurance.


    Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC, 2010
    Winthrop University's 2nd Annual Poetry Slam, Rock Hill, SC, 2008
    Ms. BHS Pageant, Blythewood, SC, 2007
    I showcased original poetry in a number of settings such as secondary, university, and other staged platforms in which I often performed 3-4 pieces per night; sometimes for pure entertainment; sometimes for competitive placement.



    My Performance Work & Research in Action

    Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual, Devair Jeffries, 2019 version

    An original One-Act play written, directed, and performed by Devair Jeffries.

    "Voices," Short Documentary, 2015

    Directed by Devair Jeffries, co-edited with Lodna Azard & Jake Durshimer


    Thank-A-Teacher Note Recipient, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Virginia Tech, 2019
    AESA Critic’s Book Choice Award, Womanish Black Girls: Women Resisting the Contradictions of Silence and Voice edited by Dianne Smith, Loyce Caruthers & Shaunda Fowler, Contributing Author (with Rhonda Jeffries), 2019

    Wilson-Auzenne Graduate Fellowship, 2013-18

    COGS Conference Presentation Support Grant, 2017

    PEO International Scholars Award Nominee, 2016-17

    Full Frame Documentary Film Fellowship, 2015

    Young Woman of Achievement Nominee, 2011


    Academic, Community, and Creative Service Projects

    See resume for further details and additional involvement.

    Virginia Tech, 150th Anniversary Project Showcase, 2019

    Director, Performance, Transcriber/Playwright, Committee Member

    A university wide interdisciplinary collaboration in preparation for Virginia Tech's 150th Anniversary Celebration in 2022. This project called Voices in Stone, included a 2019 preliminary showcase of departmental projects. As representatives of the Theatre & Cinema department, Scotty Hardwig and I facilitated a site-specific performance that included a choreographed processional to "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round" and docudrama excerpts from early African American students which I transcribed from the English department's VT Stories oral history project organized by Katy Powell.

    VHSL, Virginia High School League

    Theatre Sub-Sectionals One-Act Competition, 2018


    Served as one of three academic judges evaluating the one-act performances of four high schools to place and advance to the next level of regional competition.


    Winthrop University Chapter, 2010-11

    Member, Teacher Intern

    In partnership with nutrition and physical wellness initiative at Winthrop University and the Rock Hill community. In addition to my internship at Rock Hill Headstart, I participated in community service projects in the area to encourage wellness at various age levels ranging from preschool aged children to elderly in need of care in nursing facilities.


    Academic Background

    Visual & Performing Arts

    Theatre Performance & Studies (Advanced-Expert)

    • Acting (Intermediate)
    • Directing (Intermediate)
    • History (Advanced)
    • Theory (Intermediate)

    Studio Art & Photography (Intermediate)

    • Collage & Acrylic Monograph Prints (Specialty)
    • Mixed-Media, Still Life/Figure Observation Drawing (Intermediate)
    • Portraits and Landscape Photography (Novice)

    Voice & Music (Proficient)

    • Mezzo Soprano-Alto Voice Range (Specialty)
    • Piano (Novice)
    • Flute (Novice)
    • Guitar (Learning)

    Dance (Novice)

    • Hip-Hop (Intermediate)
    • Early/Medieval (Novice)
    • Contemporary/Lyrical (Novice)


    English, Native US American (Fluent)

    French (Comprehension, Translation, Basic Conversation)

    Latin (Translation)

    Spanish (Learning)


    Happiness is a choice. Victory is a state of mind.
    "All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose."
    "People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.
    If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish motives. Do good anyway.
    If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.
    The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
    Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.
    What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
    People who really want help may attack you if you help them. Help them anyway.
    Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt. Give the world your best anyway."
    "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame."
    "One thing I know for sure. One thing is mandatory. I owe it all to God. I give Him all the glory."

    Current & Former Professors and Mentors

    Dr. Beth Osborne

    Associate Professor, Theatre Studies,
    Florida State University

    Dr. Kris Salata

    Associate Professor & BA Program Director, Theatre Performance, Florida State University


    Dr. Lisa Liseno

    Assistant Dean, The Graduate School
    Director, Fellows Society & Program for Instructional Excellence
    Florida State University

    Dr. Amy Lehman

    Associate Professor, Theatre,
    University of South Carolina

    lehmana@mailbox.sc.edu, 803.777.6352


    "Ms. Jeffries is one of the most intelligent, organized, and motivated students I have ever worked with. She has a solid intellectual background, and the ability and drive to achieve whatever she sets her mind to... Ms. Jeffries has genuine potential as a scholar. She is imaginative, curious, and committed to getting the details right.


    Ms. Jeffries is very pleasant to work with, and treats everyone around her with unfailing courtesy... Ms. Jeffries is thoughtful, patient, and has a healthy sense of humor. I recommend her most highly and without reservation."

    Dr. Peter Duffy

    Associate Professor, Theatre Education, University of South Carolina

    duffyp@mailbox.sc.edu, 803.777.1277


    "During her time as a master’s student, Ms. Jeffries distinguished herself as an engaged and dedicated intellectual who was on an exciting mission to engage communities through theatre.


    She will be an enormous asset to any institution which is lucky enough to hire her... I have no doubt that Ms. Jeffries will make significant impacts on the life and scholarship of any university.

    Because of her scholarship, intellect, rigor and determination, I offer Devair Jeffries my highest recommendation."


    Dr. Tambra Jackson

    Associate Professor, Education,
    Indiana University PUI; Former Project Director, CDF Freedom Schools

    tambjack@iupui.edu, 317.274.2290


    "I was more than impressed with Ms. Jeffries’ work ethic, commitment, and overall level of competency as I watched her engage with the scholars (students), parents, community members and her peers... She proved to be a mature young woman who is intelligent, goal-oriented, and highly committed.


    Ms. Jeffries fully understands the meaning of teamwork, and not only works well with others, but she also works to build up the strengths of others."



    With my backgrounds in theatre, art, and education, I am constantly engaged in a variety of artistic endeavors. As an actor, director, dramaturg, artist, and instructor, I deconstruct dramatic texts and theory, create original plays and artwork, and instruct students of various ages. I live for the stage, run on fumes, and won't stop until I get the job done!
    I enjoy the chance to write and create when I have a chance. In 2011, I co-wrote and directed Hidden In Variation, a one-act about the potential consequences of careless sex among young adults. In 2014, I devised and performed a one woman one-act called Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual which exposes the inner monologue and complex attitudes that surround African-American women's natural hair in light of the recent movement of acceptance. In 2019, I performed a revised version of this work within Three Hysterical Women: A One-Woman Show Collective with theatre faculty colleagues at Virginia Tech. My favorite work is One Hundred Years of Hope, a 2016 docudrama production for which I compiled, co-edited, and directed the original script that addresses topics of racial tension and police brutality in the United States.


    My family is everything to me. My mother, especially, is my muse and best friend. I enjoy everything with her, ranging from singing, writing, and presenting together. My other best friend is undeniably ambitious, kind, and my biggest complement. We got married this summer (2021).
    I'm a huge movie junkie, fashion fiend, and creative writer. I am constantly on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), Netflix, and intrigued by what's next at the theatre.
    Though my favorite and most calming space is the beach, I love traveling and experiencing new things. I often find it rewarding personally and professionally to do something challenging or scary, as it will either result in a lesson or be a blessing.
    I am fortunate to have been part of so many wonderful experiences during my university career. God is good. As a woman of faith, my diverse set of experiences has taught me the benefit of endurance and perseverance: "It ain't over until God says it's over." Now that I've transitioned into my career as an early career academic, I hope to find more balance between work and play... Stay tuned!

    You're awesome. I'm awesome. Let's talk.

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